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Q&A 6: Everyday Life

What do you do everyday?

The names used for the second and interviewed individuals have been altered at their request to protect their privacy. These responses remain authentic, with only minor modifications made for enhanced readability.

Mike: I don’t have any job right now. So as I said before, kind of keeping myself busy. Go running, go to the gym, things like that.

John: Well, during the day, I try to find odd jobs to earn a bit of cash. Then, I come back to the shelter and eat before heading to bed. It's a routine for me now.

Will: During the day, when the weather is good, I’ll walk to the MLK library. There I can use the free internet to catch up on some news and other things. Of course I’ll bring a cup of coffee as well.

D: During the day, I'm working on a job. Then, I come back to the shelter for a meal and some rest. It's a cycle.

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