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Q&A 17: Funniest Thing

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you recently?

Mike: hmmm… funniest thing. I guess just the random comments, like today working with you guys, just, random silliness, like a tripping up. Just random occurrences in the day. 

D: lemme see… I visited my girlfriend when I wasn’t supposed to visit her, and it turned out to be okay. I was not supposed to be there, no visitors allowed, but I went anyway and it was okay. 

John: I think just this last week, a couple of friends and I was messing with this friend’s food, and we put like a bunch of mustard in the hotdog bun and we covered it with the sausage and the ketchup, and that dude hates mustard. And when he came back he took a big bite and his face was… so surprised and confused and angry at the same time. 

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