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Meet Our Team


Zhiwei (Lucas) Gu


Hello, I am Lucas, senior at Valley Christian High School. I enjoy organizing HEVI activities because it is more than providing the houseless people with materialistic aids . By bridging the gap between high school students and our houseless friends, I want to build lasting relationships  and create a sense of belonging within the community.

william zhang.jpg

William Zhang

Vice President

Hello, I'm William Zhang, a high school senior at The Harker School. I joined HEVI to provide aid to the unhoused directly and to gain deeper insights into the housing crisis while also helping the environment. My hobbies include playing the clarinet and playing soccer with friends.


Andrew Zhao

Marketing Director

Hello, my name is Andrew Zhao, and I am a high school senior from Lynbrook High School. I am currently part of the marketing team and am responsible for reaching out to others as well as managing this group's social media.


Zachary Pan

Logistics Director

Hi, I'm Zachary Pan! I am a rising junior at Lynbrook High School. I joined HEVI to help the environment and provide jobs for houseless volunteers as I always want to help others. In my free time, I enjoy playing violin and badminton, caring for my guinea pigs, and solving math problems.


David Jin

Fundraising Director

Hi guys! My name is David Jin and I’m currently a rising junior (Class of 2025) at Archbishop Mitty High School. In my spare time, I love to play competitive tennis and have been playing for 6+ years.


Winfred Lin

Fundraising Director

Hello! I'm Winfred Lin, a high school junior at Cupertino High School that loves gardening, game dev, and rocketry. I love organizing and participating in HEVI events as I believe HEVI serves an important role in finding a solution to the climate and housing crisis, but also as a place to cultivate enduring bonds between high school students and our houseless friends, nurturing an environment of acceptance and belonging.


Dawson Chen

Founder, President 2021-22

Hello! I'm Dawson. I founded HEVI at the beginning of 2021 in hopes of actively becoming a part of the solution to both the housing and climate crisis. When COVID hit, significantly more people on the streets and less environmental volunteers. After many iterations, my friends and I on HEVI have set up a solution to provide environmental stipend opportunities for the unhoused. All of us are high schoolers eager to invent solutions in our community, so please help us further our mission!

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