Key People


Dawson Chen

Chair and Founder

Hello! I'm Dawson. I founded HEVI at the beginning of 2021 in hopes of actively becoming a part of the solution to both the housing and climate crisis. I had volunteered with shelters around the Bay Area to serve meals to the unhoused, as well as environmental organizations to clean the bay and plant trees. When COVID hit, both of these communities suffered, with significantly more people on the streets and less environmental volunteers. After many iterations, my friends and I on HEVI have set up a unique solution that addresses both of these issues, by providing environmental stipend opportunities for the unhoused. All of us are high schoolers eager to invent solutions in our community, so please help us further our mission! I cannot express how much we appreciate your support!

Green Vegetables

Aaditya Gulati

Vice Chair


Green Leaves

Arjun Dixit

Program Director


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Deetshana Parthipan

PR Director


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Aaron Xu

Logistics Co-Director


Green Leaves

Kenneth Shui

Logistics Co-Director


Green Leaves

Aaron Xu

Marketing Director


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Alan Tian

Fundraising Director

Alan Tian is a Junior at Lynbrook High School. In his free time, he enjoys coding and participates in USACO as well as things like artificial intelligence and neural networks. When not doing work, he enjoys playing ping pong and swimming.