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Q&A 1: Daily Challenges

What are some of the challenges you face on a daily basis while being houseless?

The names used for the second, third, fifth, sixth interviewed individuals have been altered at their request to protect their privacy. These responses remain authentic, with only minor modifications made for enhanced readability.

Mike: Keeping myself busy I guess. When you get bored you think about all sorts of stuff and I don’t like that. So I occupy myself with different things. Sometimes I also help out at the shelter when they need it.

John: When I lived on the streets, it's a constant worry 'cause you gotta stay warm out there.

Will: Absolutely, lots of a challenge. Back when I was on the streets, never really knew where your next meal was coming from. Also keeping clean clothes can be tricky. But at the shelter, at least I get some bit of relief from those worries.

D: Some folks here can be tough to get along with, and it ain't like having your own place.

Walt: There's still the challenge of finding a job and getting back on our feet. It's a hustle.

Ben: The shelter helps with the basics, but it can get noisy in there. But hey, it's better than sleeping on the streets.

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