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HEVI: Temporary Work!

On Saturday, December 23, 2023, the HEVI volunteers have found temporary work! We are extremely proud of them and hope they keep working hard to reach their goals as always. However, despite the houseless volunteers' absence, the HEVI volunteers still made substantial progress on nurturing the Our City Forest garden from last week. We first moved a bunch of mulch, compost that helps enrich the soil, to buckets for easier transportation to different areas in the Our City Forest nursery. To remove weeds faster, Our City Forest uses an ingenious idea of covering cardboard on the weeds to block the sunlight from entering (because without sunlight, the weeds can't survive) and then covers the cardboard with mulch for better nutrients. One of our main challenges for both the HEVI and Our City Forest volunteers was cleaning the stickers off the cardboard as they refused to come off. So, we applied this process to the garden and finished half of this tedious process of transporting mulch to the garden and covering the weeds with cardboard.

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