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Economic Downturn

Location: LIFEMOVES | Montgomery Street Inn

Jake had a steady job at a manufacturing company for a long time. People relied on him and called him the "go-to guy" who was always ready to assist on the production floor. He lived in a simple apartment and enjoyed exploring hiking trails on weekends.

But when the economy suddenly went downhill during the COVID19 pandemic, the company struggled to stay in business. Layoffs started happening, and Jake unexpectedly lost his job. The good times he had with his coworkers turned into sad goodbyes, and he wasn't sure what his future held.

Months went by, and despite his best efforts, Jake couldn't find a new job in his field. He had to deal with rejection emails and silent phone calls every day. The bills he used to handle easily started to feel overwhelming.

Without any income, he eventually got an eviction notice, and he had to pack up his things, leaving behind the memories of the stable life he once had.

The shelter became a safe place for Jake. He's been in different shelters for the past few years and recently left his old one to come to LifeMoves, where he's been for just a week. Even though he knows there are still tough times ahead, Jake is determined to keep going. He said, "I won't give up. I have the determination to keep moving forward."

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