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A Veteran's Battle

Location: Grace Baptist Church Shelter

*The provided name for this individual is fictitious as per their request. Certain potentially identifiable details have been deliberately generalized to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

In May 2022, I talked with old HEVI members at Grace Baptist Church, and I learned some snippets of their life story.

After serving in the military, Alex came back home with high hopes of fitting back into civilian life. He believed that his dedication to the country would lead to a successful future. However, the transition turned out to be way harder than he expected. It felt like the battle zone he left behind had been replaced by a different kind of fight on the home front.

Even though Alex had gained great skills during his time in the military, he ran into barriers in the civilian job market. His resume showed leadership, discipline, and a strong work ethic, but turning military terms into words civilians could understand turned out to be a tough task. The rejection emails he got were like unexpected attacks that really shook his confidence.

Dealing with untreated PTSD made his journey even more complicated. He had nightmares that haunted him at night and vivid flashbacks during the day, which were unpleasant.

Alex couldn't hold down a stable job, and his relationships with people were strained. Eventually, he lost his house and ended up without a place to live. The warm welcome he had imagined turned into a tough battle to find stability.

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