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Q&A 9: Community Organizations

Are there any community organizations or charities that have been particularly helpful to you during your journey?

The names used for the third and fourth interviewed individuals are not provided per their request.

Mike: So the shelter I stay at has been really helpful, of course it’s a safe place to stay but also I get to talk to people, and I made a couple friends. Oh, HEVI has also helped me a lot, gave me some extra help for me to get through the week.

D: I think before I got to my current shelter, I was bouncing between a few other ones, and I think those really helped me with just everyday things.

Anon 1: Yea, back when I was on the street, CityTeam helped me a bit with the food situation. Every week or so they would park a truck, like a few walks down the block, and they gave out stuff like basic needs like food, clothing, and hygiene items.

Anon 2: The shelter I stay at, I’m very grateful. They give me food, shower, etc. 

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