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Q&A 4: Physical & Mental Being

Currently, has being houseless affected your physical and mental well-being? If so, how?

The names used for the second, third, fifth, sixth interviewed individuals have been altered at their request to protect their privacy. These responses remain authentic, with only minor modifications made for enhanced readability.

Mike: The folks at the shelter are great. I made a couple of friends and we kind of helped each other out.

John: Being in the shelter is okay I guess. The streets are rough, and I’m glad to be off the streets.

Will: Being on the streets takes a toll on you, man. It's hard to stay healthy when you're sleeping rough, and the stress can mess with your head, for sure. Now in the shelter it is better.

D: Being in a shelter is better, but the constant uncertainty can make you feel down.

Walt: The shelter people, at least some, are pretty nice. I kind of just stay with them and we help each other.

Ben: It's a mixed bag. The shelter's a step up from the streets, but it can still be tough on your well-being. Stress and the lack of privacy can take a toll.

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