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Q&A 3: Government Assistance

How well do you think the city government has assisted you?

The names used for the second, third, fifth, sixth interviewed individuals have been altered at their request to protect their privacy. These responses remain authentic, with only minor modifications made for enhanced readability.

Mike: City government? They try, I guess. But sometimes it feels like they could do more. You know, more job training? I’m sure there is more.

John: To be honest I don’t even feel like they help. Maybe they do, but I don’t know.

Will: Yeah, they do their best, I suppose.

D: They fund the shelter, and that's a big help. Other than that, I don’t know what they are doing.

Walt: More help with mental health services and addiction recovery would be great.

Ben: They do some good, like keeping this shelter running. But it wouldn't hurt if they had more resources to help us find jobs and get stable housing.

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