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HEVI: Weeding and Planting in the Garden

Saturday, December 16, 2023 was the day the HEVI volunteers would finish the garden that Our City Forest was building. Our City Forest had already done a good job planning out the garden format for many months, including the different plants and their locations, and now, it is HEVI's turn to help execute the plan. We dug holes to plant native bushes and uprooted the weeds to make a thriving environment for the plants, which was our main challenge due to their roots latching onto the surrounding fence. Mike even had to hack the weeds and dead bushes out with a hatchet despite his impressive physique. Together, we pulled out the dead bush, which was surprisingly harder than expected and somehow, we started talking about pizza. He explained that his first job was at Cicero's, which he believed was one of the best places to get decent, cheap pizza. He was incredibly grateful for the opportunity that HEVI gave him to talk with other people while helping the environment and we thank all the HEVI members for their hard work. Finally, we started planting more plants in another garden near a beehive that Our City Forest has at the nursery.

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