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A New Start

Location: LIFEMOVES | Montgomery Street Inn

*The provided name for this individual is fictitious as per their request. Certain potentially identifiable details have been deliberately generalized to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Walter used to have a house, but two years ago, he lost it. It's a tough subject for him, so he doesn't really like to bring it up. But he did tell me a bit about how he sought refuge in a local shelter and what happened afterwards.

He told me that for him, going from the familiar surroundings of his house to living with a group of people was a big adjustment. He said, "It was really hard to adapt. Everything felt so unfamiliar."

Over the next two years, Walter worked tirelessly on his job to rebuild his savings. Through determination and hard work, he managed to save a good amount of money. With these savings, Walter dreamed of starting fresh. The idea of renting a small apartment excited him.

As he looked into the future, Walter imagined the chance to be in a space that felt like his own once again. He hoped to rebuild the sense of peace that had been temporarily shattered.

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